How to Make a Florist Bow

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how to make a florist bow
Knowing how to make a good bow in any size using any width ribbon is probably one of the most important and basic things you will learn how to do when working in a florist shop.

With a florist bow you can dress up a plant, add to a Christmas decoration, make a corsage and tie up a gift.  

You can do the same at home. It might take a little bit of practice but it is well worth learning how to do.
In my teens the first day on the job in a flower shop I was taught to make a florist bow. The head florist of the shop patiently showed me how to hold the ribbon in one hand as I twisted equal lengths to form loops and tie it off with a small piece of wire. When she was satisfied that I knew what I was doing she sent me out front to serve customers and told me to make 150 little corsage bows.  So in between serving customers, answering the phone, running errands for the florists and watering plants I was making little bows. I started painfully slowly but by the end of the day I had got the hang of it even though my finger tips were throbbing.

How to make a florist bow 1In making a florist bow you are twisting the ribbon when you make every second loop to give the bow volume. This bow is made with 6 loops.
The ribbon used here is 1 inch wide satin ribbon that is the same on both sides. Do not cut the ribbon to length but leave it on the spool, you will need about  2-1/2 feet ( 76 cm) of ribbon. Holding it about 2-1/2 inches from the end pinch the ribbon.

How to make a florist bow 2
Make a loop about 2 inches long (you would use about 5 inches of ribbon to make the loop) and bring it to your fingers and pinch it.  

How to make a florist bow 3
While you are still pinching the ribbon  twist it so the opposite side of the ribbon is showing for the next loop. This is to give the bow dimension. Make your second loop.  Both loops should be the same size.

How to make a florist bow 4
Make a third loop the  same size as the first. 

How to make a florist bow 5
With all the ribbon pinched in your hand again twist the ribbon so the opposite side of the ribbon is showing to make the fourth loop. Make your fourth loop. 

How to make a florist bow 6
Make a fifth loop. 

how to make a florist bow 7
Twisting the ribbon make your sixth loop.

How to make a florist bow 8
I used a white twist tie to tie off the middle of the bow. You could use green florist wire if you prefered. Both ends of the bow were cut on a diagonal. (The candy box bow was cut in a birds beak, you do this by folding the ribbon lengthwise and cutting on a diagonal towards the bow, if you cut it the wrong way you will get a point, practice on a piece of paper first).You can now fluff up the bow so the loops look full. You do this by putting your finger inside a loop and tugging it so it is placed where you want. 

How to make a florist bow 9
Using the same ribbon I tied the middle so that the twist tie is hidden. 

In this case I left the ribbon long so I could wrap it around a gift. T

his is what was done with the candy box at the top of the page.  Or you could cut the second ribbon ends longer and use them to tie the bow to a ribbon already on the gift.

How to make a florist bow
The better quality ribbon you use, the better looking the bow will be. 

If you use outdoor ribbon you will find that it will wrinkle easier and you will have to be very careful as you make the bow. 

With good satin ribbon if you make a mistake and the ribbon is a bit wrinkled you can easily iron it smooth again. 

When you use wired ribbon you will be able to maneuver is much more when it is finished but it might be harder to pinch and twist as you are making the bow.

Wrapping a gift professionally
Just by using a larger ribbon and making the loops bigger you will be able to make gift bows like this one that was made with 8 loops in How to Wrap a Gift Like a Professional and Make It Look Expensive . 

Once you learn how to make a florist bow you will find that you will be using it constantly when decorating and gift giving.

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